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As an end consumer in the Askemos1 network you don't feel that you want too much. Just being able to process your data everywhere at any time. And you avoid inconveniences:

  • no computer carrying; it's too heavy; it can break; you will leave it behind after a while, you know
  • no own computer at the Internet; there are service providers
  • don't depend on a single service provider, your data is too valuable to be put on risk

How does it work?

To achieve fault tolerance, the Askemos software is build in such a way, that multiple copies of it's processes run at several machines at the same time. These copies vote to find the actual result.

Several service providers have joined a network where they back up each other much like power utilities distribute energy. These providers sell the service to run applications or special extensions like data base access their customers[2]. The network as a whole has a much better chance to survive any kind of physical, economical or legal disaster than any single service provider can master. Our customers applications can run for ever.

In the interest quality of service, there are security audits and certifications for network members. Several networks with different audit rules will be an option for those, who want more security or less costs.

Legally the network is based on a mutual beneficial service contract. This contract distinguishes computer owners (providers) from intellectual property owners (users). Users are free to be providers at the same time and this can be reasonable for confidentiality. However if they don't serve as the sole provider, they enjoy a new degree of legal certainty, which those who fulfil both roles simultaneously are unable to promise: The can offer non-repudiable, tamper proof processes and unique digital tamper proof documents.

A unique logical rights management system for Askemos has been conceived especially to assure (human) rights are inalienable within the model. It's the first system to assure that persons can't impersonate each others in the network.

Providers are also in more secure position. They are pure carriers under customers command, who don't control content at all. Besides being unjust, it's also no longer practical to apply legal force on providers anyway, except if all are reached at once.

Please see our other publications more details.

If you're interested in an account, want to serve your web site from an Askemos network or become an Askemos service provider please contact us.

For those, who want to become an Askemos provider: this is as simple as setting up a box with the software and join a network. We will help you with the tricky parts.

  2. example of legal background: USA
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